Sunday, January 3, 2010

On a Greyhound bus to somewhere & then nowhere lol

So last minute SURPRISE trip to go see Pachenko graduate BCT in Ft Benning GA traveling via Greyhound bus from Montana..3 days there 3 days back yeah well that was the plan.

I left Kalispell on Saturday the day after black friday a smart person would of rested prior to this trip but no not me I went black friday shopping at 4:30AM. So on Saturday at noon I board the bus and rode 6 hours to Billings MT where I had a 7 hour layover which was during the middle of the night So obviously I just sat there all night waching episodes of season 1 FlashPoint that I just happened to have saved on my laptop. After going 24 hours without sleep I relaized I needed to take little naps on the bus 10 minute power naps god forbid I miss one of the 6 transfers scheduled. Bus travel is interesting I met some ummm real characters sitting on a seat reading a book I thought I kept getting my stuck between the 2 seats. Yes I was wrong there was a odd man sitting behind me and after the 4th tug I realized he was messing with my hair when I turned around and asked hom what he was doing he said "sorry I like red hair" I put my hood up on my sweater ewww. I was " adopted" along the way by some older guys who were nice enough to make some of the odder characters steer clear...Sitting in Chicago charging my cell phone I was approached by a guy who looked straight up hood my "adopted chaperone" told the guy to keep on rolling by and not to talk to his "wife" mind you I think the adopted chaperon was Refrigerator Perry (sp?) lol big ass all honesty my bus trip to Georgia was relatively smooth and uneventful.

When I arrived in Georgia I realized what a toll the long trip had on me my feet, ankles and legs were beyond swollen ewww not a pretty sight..

Now on to the return trip left Columbus GA at 5PM arrived in Atlanta for a 6 hour layover when I went to the ticket counter and inquired about eating establishments around the bus station I was told "you can't go outside" I asked why? and was told " it's not safe for white girls outside" ok that was just so wrong I am sure Atlanta is a nice place.

let's see I accidentally fell asleep and when I woke up this man was sitting next to me. He excitedly tells me he just got out of prison had been in for 10 years and "hey you are the first women I have seen and talked to in 10 years" yeah me yep this is what I woke up too..sleeping on the bus is dangerous..
Next the are was a crazy native american guy pushing 60 he was drinking hand sanitizer mixed with water cocktails and was loaded...anyways at one point he approached me while I was reading bear hugged me, licked my face and hair all while spilling his soda on I asked some of the guys on the bus to HELP which they did ..seriously freaked me out ..the guys were watching Matrix some buses have dvd players with built in screens...anyways during the group orgy sex scene the crazy indian said he was so hard he could hurt someone with his erection oh and that he was going to just pull it out and jerk off...yep needless to say I am not traveling by greyhound bus again..

Oh and due to some bus fluffup when I reached South Dakota they had no bus to Montana so they sent us back to Nebraska then to Colorado and Wyoming...finally I reached Billings from Billings to Missoula we were on a bus with no heat and it was neg 50 on bus seriously the bus driver checked the bus temp...I think most of us passed out from the cold..
Once I arrived in Missoula I thought I was safe however when we got there they informed me that there was no bus to take me to Kalispell another fluffup on there part lol so eventually they got a shuttle van to take me to Kalispell...
I hate the bus but I loved seeing all in all it was worth it..

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