Monday, August 27, 2012

Raise them up and watch them soar

The beginning of our life changes we started as a family of 9 but now we are a family of 6...

Oldest left to get married see previous blog named "Oh how fast they grow", Husband deployed see previous blog named  "The Beginning of a Deployment 2012"

 When I became a parent it was important to me that my children grew up knowing that they could do whatever they wanted no dream or goal was too big for them to strive for...We don't say can't, we don't say fail because as long as you try, you have already crossed off can't and fail. Failure only comes from lack of action from not even attempting to reach your goals and dreams. When our kids are little we don't realize how fast time is going to fly by in the blink of an eye your baby goes from night time feedings to hugging their siblings good bye when it is time to head off to college. With pride and tears we sent Julianna off to college it was harder then I thought it would be I thought I was prepared but nothing prepares you for sending your baby off into the big bad world...

Julianna smiling as she tells Charlie she loves her and that she is leaving for college

Charlie handing Julianna the bag of her things she packed to go along to college with her. Julianna told Charlie that she couldn't go along to college with her because we didn't have her passport or a plane ticket the look of confusion and sadness broke my heart. 

Charlie was not giving up she decided if we didn't put her bag in the car then she would do it herself. The look on her face says it all "How can you say no to my adorable face?" 

The moment finally came when Charlie realized that she really couldn't go to college with Julianna with teary eyes and a quivering chin Julianna hugged Charlie tight one last time and then Sophia had to drag Charlie away kicking, screaming, tears flowing and begging Julianna not to leave her...This is my heart break and greatest joy at the same time we will miss Julianna but this display on sisterly love brings such happiness to my heart what greater reassurance can a parent have then knowing that long after they are gone their children will have one another a friendship, a bond, a love like no other...sisters

"Raise your children to be strong, confident, self sufficient and adventurous..Read to them so they learn to listen, listen so they learn to speak, encourage there dreams so they know they can be anything they dream of being and do everything they dream of doing teach them to fly so when they leave the nest they soar"