Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vacation Bible School....take 2

All year long I have been dreading vacation bible school? why? how can three simple words make a grown woman shake in her flip flops easily it's the memory of last years VBS I think Sophia, Helen, Olivia, Charlie and Maddie went only one or two days...and then Sophia came home and said that the girls weren't allowed to come back because they wouldn't stop crying UGH...now granted there is a HUGE difference between now and then first off VBS started right after we moved here so the girls didn't know anyone now they know everyone ok maybe not EVERYONE but we definitely know alot of people...
So this year we are all going Katie, Julie, Sophia and I are volunteers :D while Helen, Olivia, Charlie and Maddie are celebrating PandaMania ...It got off to a crazy start but once things got started it was exciting and fun not sure what the exact number of kids attending but I'd say over 100 and we have a lot of volunteers..I was really impressed with the number of teenagers who showed up to help out with the younger kids...it's one of the many things I first commented on when we arrived here at Storck Barracks was the number of teenagers who Charlie and Maddie were always playing with ...lol
Well if you have the opportunity I highly suggest bringing your kids over to VBS my girls just love it I am sure your kids will too....I am already looking forward to 2012 VBS no more dreading it here...

Monday, July 4, 2011

My husband, My girls daddy...he does't know..

He doesn't know how little moments like these warm my heart or mean so much to our girls. To him he is just hanging out with the girls, doing the dad thing, making fun of Charlie's all the time face & pose for photos..To him it is just another day..but to me it's my husband taking the time to be there with his daughters, showing them he loves them, cares about them and that they are worth spending time with. To my daughters it is fun times with daddy, it's laughs and giggles, funny faces, bouncy castles, it's smiles and joking around, it's slides & motor carts, it's hot dogs and an hour plus standing in line for slushies, it's late night french fries, it's holding daddies hand and watching fire works on the 4th of July each and every day is a memory that we store away of another awesome time with my husband and another memory for the girls to carry with them for when there daddy can't be here with them. An Army family stores up the love to pull out like a warm cozy blanket to comfort us while our hero is gone, To him the things he does aren't special to us everything he does is special