Saturday, October 31, 2015

Big D 2015

Well one thing that is guaranteed in the military is separations be short times apart like 24 hour staff duty, field trainings, tdys or the most dreaded of them all the BIG D word Deployment. As a military family we know it is looming, lurking, shadowing you get the picture it is a complete suck joy... SO once again we stock up on tissues and toilet paper for when we run low on tissues lol ok not really but sometimes deployments do bring on the weepies ...This deployment is different in many ways it's #3 but it is to a different place then before, to a scarier place in my opinion it is also coming on a major life change closed chapters you know...So here we are riding the rough seas of deployment the goodbye, the waiting and one day eventually a howdy there stranger....until then I will share the adventures the girls and I have while the man is off in the Sandbox

Halloween 2015

Being in the USA for Halloween we decided to go all out for Halloween even decorated inside the house I must admit it was epic ...outside was zombie is a quick funny photo of my crew of crazies ..Wishing you all a safe yet spooky Halloween