Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sweet Sixteen Formal and Black light Neon Party

I spent a year planning this epic party a formal sweet sixteen with a fancy dress for mom & dad followed by a Glow neon splatter party for Sophia and her friends to enjoy black lights, neon colors...candy bar, taco bar of course awesome cupcakes made from our fellow Army wife who is awesome and never disappoints...

candy bar and cupcakes sugar high galore 
 I decided a Colorful neon photo booth would be fun staged in between formal side and the blacklight neon flashing dancing side with cool props and an easy inexpensive background this party probably was the best one I pooled off...
 Sophia and her boyfriend Jordan
 Sophia and her proud Big Poppa
Happy Sweet Sixteen Sophia & guests...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WOW I guess you can call us Nana and Big Poppa?

Well our oldest daughter Kate hit us with a bombshell a few months ago I am still processing this news anyone who knows me my daughters husband is labeled special in my book and by special I don't mean in a positive or flattering way I had been holding out hope that he was phase on our daughters life that she would grow out of we can still hope I don't see her see spending the rest of her life saddled with his loser ways..but I am getting a grandson out of the deal and will always be there for Kate and our future grandson..

My nana and aunt Dee made a surprise trip down for Kate's baby shower to represent the family since we are over in Germany...

Just because I don't like the donor dad doesn't mean we won't take care of our little guy..Baby hoard #1 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

UMMMM MINION & Sophia Sweet Sixteen

What do you give a wonderfully sweet sixteen Sophia?? well she asked for a minion I asked her if her sisters don't count they are short?? she replied no so once again I placed a cake order from an awesome fellow Army wife she asked what I envisioned this time I told her I needed a Minion cake that could be cuddled and boy once again no disappointments here this cake was epic and amazing. Happy Sweet Sixteen to Sophia later this month we are throwing her a formal Sweet Sixteen Party blog and photos to follow 

Sophia and her new BFF she totally did not want to eat him and pretty much decided that if she could have a real minion she would...