Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fun in the "Wait"

I have had some wives say to me that they didn't think it was right or fair for their husbands to have fun while deployed, away at training or in the field. "I told my husband he can't go to the Movies or out to eat or to USO shows" or they get mad when it looks like their man is having some kind of fun or looks TOO happy in a photo posted while he is away from home. Some might bash me on this one but I am secure in who I am, I am secure in my marriage, my spouse and the truth is if my husband didn't want to be with me anymore then I respect myself too much to want a man who doesn't want me..see ya later alligator! That being said if my husband can find some happiness, a moment of silliness, a good belly laugh so lightheartedness in the middle of a Dessert then I would be over joyed. So some of the amusing photos that came my way during my husbands deployment. 

My advice is to tell your husband to try to have fun...if he is going to be there for Halloween send him a costume nice and early ..I didn't even think about that my husband never dresses up for Halloween (he is not in any of these costume photos lol) but next time I am sending him something way cool to wear..

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pretty in Pink

 I love being a volunteer combine that with the opportunity to raise money for one of my favorite causes Breast Cancer Research well sounds like the perfect reason to throw a " Turn your city pink" event here are my girls all dressed out in their pink tops for the cause

Below is a group photo of some friends who joined me for the cause...