Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Exodus ...the begining

Well Pachenko came home for Christmas lucky for us his flight was right on time and he managed to get out of Virginia before the big snow fell and stranded holiday travelers..Thank you God..So he arrived home Dec 19th greeted at the door by his girls

 of course the one with the tears flowing was our 15 yr old she loves her daddy..poor kid stood at the top of the stairs balling...of course I snapped a photo of it..I love these moments..

One of the things Pachenko and I commented on during day 2 of him being home was like he never left we fell back into our routine. When he left I printed off a bunch of 5x7 and 8x10's of Pachenko with the girls and ones of Pachenko and me to put around the house I knew that his biggest worry was the girls forgetting him especially the little ones..mostly the twins because they are shy to begin with..I admit I was a little worried about Charolette she's the Leary twin..but in this case she was the first one at the door jumping into her daddys arms..
It was a nice Christmas quiet just the family...other then some minor teenage drama it was one of the nicest Christmases ever...I guess we just realized how Thankful we are to have time together.. we really didn't do too much while Pachenko was home..we went out to lunch a couple of times just the 2 of us date time is nice..and Pachenko went to Olivias school and gave a little Apache Helicopter demo it was cute and I was really proud of Pachenko for coming out of his shell..he usually is so quiet..He says he doesn't see any change in himself but I do he is more confident, more out going, he is more high speed then he use to be, he walks, talks and acts with more confidence then he's had in's awesome seeing him be the guy that I fell in love see him really excited about his MOS...and what he is learning
As much as I hear him say that he doesn't want to be " That Guy" he is..he is my husband, my friend, the father of my daughters and he is our hero..He is That Guy...He is my guy...

I will do another post later on Pachenko leaving later today...right now I am going to see it, take it and make it mine...