Monday, June 6, 2011

The hills are alive...with photo ops Switzerland

Living in  Germany gives us the opportunity to border jump into some pretty amazing countries..On our way back from Italy we decided to come back through Switzerland...It is a beautiful drive through Switzerland lots of great places to stop and take take a slow drive through Switzerland see all the scenery stop and take some photos of the many waterfalls up in the hillsides...don't forget to take some Francs with you though they are not euro currency there...

Italy on Fast Forward

A dream trip to Italy it was a dream come true..Italy was amazing and we will definitely make another trip there ...this pretty much was a jammed packed trip do and see as much as possible since my in laws only had two weeks off to we did Italy in four days yes I said 4 days even more crazy was we did ROME in ONE DAY!! which I wouldn't suggest for the weak or slow paced lol 

I wanna stress that we did ROME in one day not by choice but because we really were on a short time schedule also we did not go inside on any tours we really were perfectly content wandering around and taking photos of everything and anything. My thoughts on Rome is it is very busy, crowded and not little kid friendly I would never attempt a stroller walk or kids under 10 years old trip there ..I don't think kids under 10 would appreciate the historical value of the places...and it is very spread out and A LOT of walking...

 Of course we were in search of a real authentic cannolli  it was yummy and well worth the search..
Italy is of course famous for it's vine covered scenery  

leaning tower of Pisa...I think we all agreed we liked Pisa alot it is quieter and definitely a place you can take children of all ages...the tower was cool and the buildings just amazing..

we stopped in Verona and had a panini at a little was delicious 

Winery tour was one of the neatest things I have ever done Torre a Cenaia Estate winery

The wine was delicious so glad we took the time to do a tasting it was leisurely done and the staff was amazing and very accommodating we will definitely stop by to see them again .

Dinners at Il Grand Bar Tirreno Itlay just minutes away from Camp Darby and Pisa the food was moth watering we ate dinner there 3 nights I highly recommend this place as the must go to eat place..the staff was fabulous and friendly ..order the house wine it is beyond this world delicious 

mediterranean sea OMG I loved the sea I belong living on water it was so blue and beautiful I can not wait until we can go back again luckily my husband loved the area as much as me...