Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Story....submission to contest

Our story goes like this I was a divorced mom with 3 young daughters I met my husband we got married and had 4 daughters YES WE HAVE 7 DAUGHTERS!! After 8 years of marriage my husband joined the Army because the economy was failing everyone. So after 8 years of waking up with my husband next to me everyday, 8 years of the girls having daddy at home we dropped him off one day and said good bye. While he learned to shoot and fix Apache helicopters the girls and I learned how to do every thing by ourselves. One of the biggest things that kept me going was blogging it became a passion to me. When my husband got orders to Germany we were excited our family loves new adventures. When you have a Soldier who is your hero homecomings are better then everything else. Just browsing through photos of previous homecomings my breath catches with the remembrance of emotions that I was feeling at those moments.  The funny thing is my husband doesn't know how moments like these warm my heart or mean so much to our girls. To him he is just hanging out with the girls, doing the dad thing, making fun of Charlie's all the time face & pose for photos..To him it is just another day..but to me it's my husband taking the time to be there with his daughters, showing them he loves them, cares about them and that they are worth spending time with. To my daughters it is fun times with daddy, it's laughs and giggles, funny faces, bouncy castles, it's smiles and joking around, it's slides & motor carts, it's hot dogs and an hour plus standing in line for slushies, it's late night french fries, it's holding daddies hand and watching fire works on the 4th of July each and every day is a memory that we store away of another awesome time with my husband and another memory for the girls to carry with them for when there daddy can't be here with them. An Army family stores up the love to pull out like a warm cozy blanket to comfort us while our hero is gone, To him the things he does aren't special to us everything he does is special.