Saturday, March 27, 2010

Making a list and checking it a million times...

I have a thousand random thoughts running through my head which is currently causing me a giant headache since I have caught a cold from my wonderful snotty nose daughters. A few of the things that are traveling at high speed in there are my husbands AIT graduation date is next month which brings about the question of the minute "Do you know where you are moving to yet?" now as most military wives know there is no exact date and time as to when they give you your orders in AIT. Luckily having been through this with my ex-husband I already was aware of this tidbit of knowledge.
I am a planner, a organizer, a plotter, a list maker okay so you get the point amazingly even though the "waiting" to know where we are PCS-ing too isn't really bothering me or preventing me from making plans. Sure I could do more planning if I knew where we were moving to but right now I am as planned as I can be. I have my lists up and running on my laptop list 1 PCS-ing overseas what I am keeping, giving away, throwing out and need to buy, list 2 PCS-ing Stateside same thing keeping, giving, tossing and need to buy...
And then the orders come and the real fun begins pull out the lists and get the ball rolling we are headed to Katterbach Germany HOOAH

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A New Generation of Army friendships

Over the past couple days, hours, presently and in the hours to come my new friends my delta girls have been kissing their soldiers goodbye sending them back to AIT to finish their training. Some will be done in a few weeks, some a month and some a handful of months...but together we will hold each other up, we will cry & wipe tears, we will laugh, we will call, text, IM, snail mail and get together when possible, we will share dreams, fears, ideas, advice and goals...We will turn to each other because we know that we are all living the same life, individuals by themselves together a force to be reckoned with. We look to Army Wives who have already walked this path for advice...We are individuals with many different personalities, blazing a new trail, a new lifestyle, a new environment, making wonderful friends along this path creating a everlasting bond ..I am proud to say I am a member of this wonderful group and to call these ladies my friends..
For we are The Army Wives of this generation.