Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oh how they shine...

Oldest left to get married see previous blog named "Oh how fast they grow", Husband deployed see previous blog named  "The Beginning of a Deployment 2012" 

I have only known this day was coming since the moment she was born it doesn't seem like it was that long ago. Wow have 17 years really gone by that fast? I know she is mature, I know she is smart, I know she is beautiful, I know she is a great role model, I know she is a loyal friend, I know she is a caring daughter, I know she will do great in anything she sets her mind to do. I see her shine on a daily basis, I see her empathy when she feels others sadness, pain, happiness. 
I have always pressed into my daughters the need to be smart outer beauty is nice but inner beauty is the real stunner. 
What a amazing adventure and blessing this Army life has given us we will be sending Julianna back to the States for College in the Fall where I am sure she will share all of her gypsy adventures of travels around Europe ...The DoDDS Schools have been wonderful ...

"Raise your children to be strong, confident, self sufficient and adventurous..Read to them so they learn to listen, listen so they learn to speak, encourage there dreams so they know they can be anything they dream of being and do everything they dream of doing teach them to fly so when they leave the nest they soar"