Wednesday, September 2, 2009

YOu shouldn't fear the REAPER you should fear the REPO MAN

Seriously my life can only get better I pray...Pachenko got laid off in December and went back to school we struggled and struggled..Pachenko decided to join the Army yeah finally ..he leaves Sept 21st..So yeah I've had to pick and choose what bill to pay and how much to pay on a hasn't been fun..when my phone rings I feel with less then 20 days to go before Pachenko leaves the REPO MAN comes knocking ..he didn't come with a tow truck so I took that as a good sign he said to contact the car company and that he would be back on Friday...well I call the car company..and the lady is just so not understanding..I set up arrangements I just need until Tuesday a lousy 6 days from now and she SAYS NOOOOOOO!!! I need to make a payment before the REPO guy comes back on Friday..not only do I need to pay rent, water, the pawn shop for my wedding ring & laptop that are in pawn and now the car...I need to stretch $400 into $1,200 in 2 days...
Well thanks to my awesome mother in law..I don't have to fear the repo man this I just need to make it to Pachenkos first payday and I will be back on my way to financial stability

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