Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My life tidbits, wisdom and advice..this is how our family rolls

As I mentioned I am the mother of seven daughters Kathryn Diana 16yrs, Julianna Grace 14yrs, Sophia Caroline 12yrs, Helen Elizabeth 6yrs, Olivia Anne 4yrs and 2 1/2 year old twins Charolette Rae and Madeline Belle. Now to go through the normal questions I get asked when people hear I have 7 girls
1. YES they are all biologically mine
2. YES I know how they are made
3. YES it can be expensive
4. NO I don't belong to (fill in whatever religious group)
5. NO I was not trying for a boy
6. NO I am not planning on having anymore
7. How do I stay SANE? Meet my BFF ORGANIZATION it should be every parents best friend lol
Lists I have a dozen going at a time..Of course I have my daily to do list if I don't get something done I move it to the next day..
then I have my Specific lists..
What I want to do before Pachenko gets back from boot camp LIST
What I want to do here in Montana before we move LIST if we move east coast or overseas
What I want to move with us if we PCS stateside LIST move, give away or trash
What I want to move with us if we PCS overseas LIST move, give away or trash

I would love to say my home is completely organized but I don't lie so I can't say it lol..
However for the first time in my life my house is not in chaos...as a family we keep it clean. I am PRO-CHORES or PRO-RESPONSIBILITIES in kids. My daughters are more responsible then your average children. Example 1. My oldest daughter Kathryn has been working at the same job for 2 years next month. Example 2. My daughter Julianna has been working at the same job for a year next month. They both work for McDonald's now I give props to MCDS for giving teenagers jobs not just in the summer but year round.
Kathryn and Julianna each pay $50.00 a month in rent, their cell phone bills, pay for most of their school stuff as well as all fun activities.
WHY? because when they are adults I don't want them having no idea of what is waiting for them jobs, bills, responsibilities and keeping a house...
WHY do I know I am doing the right thing for my daughters? simple when my daughters went school shopping they wanted to go to the mall..we live in Montana the mall is 2 hours away they paid for a tank of gas then spent about 3 hours shopping when all was said and done we loaded back into the car. here is the script..
( ME) "so what did you buy?"
(GIRLS) they look at me "can we go to walmart?"
(ME) lol "ok I go why?"
(GIRLS) " everything is too expensive here"

Lesson learned- when kids are spending their own money they shop smarter..
now they did manage to pick up a few things that they couldn't live without from the mall.

Also Julianna was complaining about her friend who had his phone taken away because he went over mom and dads minutes..SCRIPT..
(ME) Well why did they take it away?
(JULIANNA) He went over the minutes
(ME) Well if he pays his bill why is he in trouble?
(JULIANNA) He doesn't pay his bill his parents do!
(JULIANNA) Mom I am glad you make me pay my bill that way I have unlimited texting
(ME) lol that's because you text 10,000 text messages a month

Last but not least..
Grocery shopping if I send my daughter into the store for milk or whatever I know how much it's going to cost..SCRIPT...
(ME) Run in and grab a container of sour cream
(JULIANNA) ok...
phone ringing..
(JULIANNA) mom you didn't give me enough money!!
(ME) YES I did..
(JULIANNA) The sour cream cost $2.20 you only gave me $2.00
(ME) Did you read the labels and buy the one on sale?
(ME) Well the store brand was on sale for $1.50

Lesson learned...They read sales labels and look for coupons..lol

Life isn't easy, cheap or free...if you want things you have to work for them and earn it. Shop sales, look for deals and use coupons..put your savings away for a rainy day..

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freelancerforhire said...

7 daughters is a lot. I have 1 12 month old son and I dream about having a big family (Maybe not that big though, LOL). I think it's wonderful that your oldest girls have been employed for so long, and I also think it's good that they help out with some of the bills since they are earning money. And they are being taught some valuable life lessons. Kudos to you.