Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gypsy Girls Fun

The great thing about having Gypsy blood is your ability to land anywhere in the world and be ready to go explore. We can flourish anywhere the wind blows us in this case the wind blew us to Ohio USA. So while in Ohio the 3 little Gypsy girls and I were killing time waiting for our oldest to go into labor. Well the girls and I who after waiting for what seemed like forever to us for his baby to come out to fight the boredom we went off on an adventure and found the Columbus Zoo well it was Nov so it was a little chilly and most of the attractions and animals were away for the winter season but hey we are Gypsies and still enjoyed our adventure...It is such a benefit to children especially military children to learn to be resilient we just never know where the wind or the Army is going to blow us next but no matter where we land we will flourish and explore...

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