Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rothenburg ob der Tauber Christmas Market 2010

Just another wonderful things about being posted in Germany for a few years nothing is too far away and there are a million things to see and do. This wasn't our first adventure to Rothenburg however this one was a lot more pleasurable. I honestly will say it was the friends that accompanied us this time who made it fun and light hearted the last trip was with a couple who argued the whole time. This trip we took along the boys Gilly and Hall plus our daughter Sophia  I really wanted to make another trip to a Christmas Market so we decided to check out Rothenburgs Christmas Market which was an adventure itself.

If you haven't checked out an authentic German Christmas Market then definitely add this to your to do list for next year leaving yourself all year to fill up your change jar with lots of Euros. However I will say you don't need a special occasion to take a trip Rothenburg Any time is a perfect time.
Living in Germany you should be prepared to stroll and shop so walking shoes and BYOB are in effect at all times no I do not mean "bring your own beer" since you can find beer every where in Germany that was BYOB in the "bring your own bag". Germany is green very earth friendly so when shopping if you are expecting a free plastic bag to carry your stash of goodies ummm yea not going to happen be prepared with your own bag or to purchase one a good sturdy reusable tote bag is a must have for Germany living.

Rothenburg has lots of parking areas but my advice is to try to park as close to the the entrance to the market square entrance as possible this way you don't walk 3 miles prior to entering the walls of Rothenburg a mistake we made our first trip there. Even though this time it was a little chilly with a dusting of snow on the ground and some icy spots the day was enjoyable and the weather didn't detract from the adventure in anyway. Strolling along the cobble stone alley ways makes you feel like time has stopped and your living in the old world of course you have the normal businesses that are open all year long bakeries, meat markets, cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, tailor, Christmas shops, shoe stores, linen shop, a shop that sells silver steins and other steins and glass shop.

Now with the Christmas Market in full swing the market square and alley ways are full of booths with goods for sale wood ornaments, nativity's, beads, doll house miniatures, candies, chocolate covered fruits, brats, pastries, glass ornaments, linens and knitted / crocheted goods like hats, scarves and gloves.
I was on a mission with this trip I really wanted one of these adorable wood cut out ornaments that said Rothenburg and of course I found one that was just perfect. I saw so many neat things that I would love to buy I need a euro lottery win lol. I stumbled into this fantastic linen shop with these lace wall hangings of Rothenburg I will definitely be going back to that shop again to pick up a couple more of them.

One of the many things I love about Rothenburg is that you can stroll around, shop, browse, eat and of course don't forget to enjoy some history. You can tour the church a major pilgrimage site of Rothenburg Germany is the gothic church St.Jacob. Its main attraction is the Heilige Blut Altar (Holy Blood Altar) carved by Tilman Riemenschneider, said to contain a drop of Christ's blood.
Learn about the Thirty Year's War by visiting the historical vaults of the Town Hall with dark dungeons and exhibitions or go to the Crime Museum, which shows the Middle Ages from the dark side with instruments of torture, execution items, weapons etc., walk along the fort wall remember to bring your camera,extra batteries and a tote bag to carry your goodies. Pass the Plönlein, that scenic fork in the road is the landmark of Rothenburg Germany and one of the famous pictures of Rothenburg. Head for the market place and climb the platform of the nice Town Hall to get impressive views. Then you shouldn't miss the idyllic Burggarten (Rothenburg castle garden).

While you are out and about make sure you stop by any one of the many bakeries and pick up a Schneeballen a fried dough creation that is heavenly do not pass this up. They come covered in different flavored sugars, nuts, sprinkles, peanut butter, chocolates and caramels. They are beyond yummy.

We ended the day with giant foot long weiner brats and of course the boys posed for some funny photos.

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