Saturday, December 18, 2010

3rd Battalion Winter Ball Quick Strike Storck Barracks Illesheim Germany

Never far are the memories we share with our friends...The ball was very nice I so would of enjoyed myself more if my tail bone wasn't killing me thanks to falling down the stairs 2 weeks prior to the ball I  broke my tail bone long periods of sitting on hard chairs was wreaking havoc on my tail bone...ouchie however it was a wonderful night and I had a great time..beautiful local, everyone dressed up, good food, great laughs and wonderful memories to be shared..

The boys looked all Snazzy dressed up absolutely dashing gents and for the most part they were on their best behavior...
The table settings were impressive however the napkins were so big that they sort of got in the way no one really knew what to do with it when you took it out of the wine of the guys sat on his to squish it so it would lay flat on the table...inventive
My friends looked beautiful all dressed up I am glad they had a good night they all deserved it...Laura C, Ashlie P and Kelly B..the prettiest friends a girl could have..
Kelly B at some point her husband disappeared it was funny because the guys were circling Johns dish of food cause he hadn't come to eat it yet...the guys are vultures never leave your food unattended lol
I love her smile
The Army might claim them as my husbands battle buddies but in reality they are just as much my battle buddies..I will forever love each and everyone of these guys...thank you boys for always having my back as well as Pachenkos
There is nothing better then ending the night in the arms of a man who loves you with his whole being...not a day goes by that I don't thank God for blessing me with a wonderful husband, healthy & happy daughters and amazing friends... At times being a soldier keeps us physically apart but when you have trust, love, faith no distance can take that away...

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