Monday, December 6, 2010

Chili Cookin With the Delta Girls

Getting together for Chili Cooking for The Christmas on Main Street was fun..Our Battalion was in charge of providing pots of chili for our 3rd Battalion food booth and of course the Delta girls stepped up and got it done...
Plus as always it was a perfect excuse to get together with some really awesome friends...laughed, watched Laura teach Ashlie how to cut onions and peppers and taught Autumn to make her first home made pot of chili and even though I showed her what to do I have to say I think that girl could make an awesome chili on her own..

 Poor Kelly B had to work but she swung by after work to be a taste tester lol later on some of the guys came over for a chili dinner.
I feel really blessed to have met these girls and to have them as friends...they help make Germany a fun place to live...never a dull moment with them around.
 Our family loves a good pot of Chili in this case I was making massive pots of chili so we had a ton of beans including different types...I love kidney beans and Pachenko loves chili beans so we compromise and normally I throw both in I know I am such a nice wife lol.
Everyone chili came out awesome I should of got the recipe Laura used it was good the kids loved was a little sweet until she tweeked it just right ...
 My not so secret ingredient plain Hershey kisses yep toss 6 kisses into a big pot give it a stir melt those yummies up and let it simmer as long as possible the great thing about Chili is it tastes even better the next day.. try serving it over elbow noodles a couple days later with some grated Parmesan cheese on it...delish :D

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