Sunday, January 12, 2014

Twinkles turn that snuck up on me

 Seven years time flew by too fast I can't believe it has been 7 years since I was pregnant with the twinkles it seems just like yesterday. When I talk about being pregnant with them it was like yesterday, when I think of the month of bed rest in the hospital missing our first Christmas in Montana with our girls because I was tied down to a hospital bed it seems crazy to say that was seven plus years ago did I blink and lose some precious years? I have all these memories of every moment with the twinkles seven years of memories to be exact oh lord I am sorry for saying having twins would be a breeze for me after all how hard can it be having twins it's just two babies the same age who need to be taken care of I have five older girls two sets of kids that were very close in age around 16 months apart OH how wrong I was yes those older girls might have only been 16 months apart, they might both be using bottles and wearing diapers but it is completely different then twins babies the same age is so different...quickly I was to be broken down and admit that I was wrong which honestly never happens I am always right well except for this time lol ....God Blessed us with Twin B aka number 2 One day she will rule the world she is outspoken and determined to be heard those first days home and torturous hours of enduring Mad Maddie quickly and loudly educating me that I was a failure as a mother "How dare you lay me down, pick me up now your wicked mean woman, wait wait why are you feeding that smiley baby instead of me can't you hear me screaming and kicking hear let me scream louder so you can learn faster I am the needy twin you must hold me and only me" I am Mad Maddie hear me roar luckily God also blessed us with a patient sweet counterpart Baby A aka number 1 our Rae of sunshine I quickly learned that even though they spent 37 weeks together inside of me that even on the outside Rae wasn't going to complain about Mad Maddie's antics on a couple different sonogram occasions the technician showed up Mad Maddie standing/bouncing on a low lying breech sideways Rae who never complained...Rae would be content laying next to me with me occasionally stroking her foot and leg while feeding miss cranky Madders who just had to be held. Can you guess who is who??
So many memories so many learning experiences for me and them...but seven years later they still own their separate personalities.
Rae lost her hair and Madders just kept growing ...same today 

Twinkle power Rae smiling at Madders and everyone knows Madders usually has a plan so who knows what is going on...
 This totally shows the silly sassy Madders "evil laugh now I am going to step on you taking this photo of me but I am cute so you shall forgive me" and Rae all smiles and cheeks full of love ...

This is Madders normal face and Rae's normal face....Madders was trying to show me who was boss I won..
Seven wonderful years, seven years of memories, changes, adventures, hopes, dreams, accomplishments here the twinkles are saying a Birthday prayer I love their faces and their faith...

                                     Happy Birthday Twinkles may all your dreams come true

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