Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Saturday at our post ....a night in with family & friends...

I have never been the type of person who has to go..go..go all the time I am perfectly content staying at home spending time with my family or having friends over for dinner and some laughs. Don't get me wrong we love to go out and explore but sometimes it's nice to just have a quiet stay at home weekend. The perfect example this weekend was sort of a blend of out n about and quiet night in. After finding out our good friends the BeSexys have never gone to any of the German stores I felt obligated to introduce them to the uber awesome Kauflands the produce is wonderful, the meat department well stocked, the cashiers are nice and well it's German so they have all the German food staples so it's the place to go to try new foods..So of course we loaded up the van at lunch time and made a doner run an amazing Turkish delight..We took our twins along for the ride and as you can see they LOVED the Doner :D
After eating savory Doners from the best Doner stand in Germany which is located in Bad Windsheim we
then went to Kauflands. Kauflands is like a walmart groceries and everything else it is just wunderbar we picked up the fixings for a good Jaeger Schnitzel dinner, Giant tangerine size mushrooms to make the Jaeger sauce, fresh pork which we tenderize, bread and fry to make the Schnitzel and of course my husband Pachenkos favorite Red sauerkraut which also has apple in it...the store is just awesome if you haven't gone definitely check it out..
not too surprising I forgot to get a photo of it all done and assembled ...everyone just dug in too fast maybe next time lol
One of the biggest things I try to get out there to people following my blog is that there is a lot to do here be it walking around quaint little towns, visiting concentrations camps, little German shops or having some friends over to share a meal and some good times with. None of those things have to cost a bundle of money in fact some are free, some cheap and some not that costly at all. I am already planning our next little friendly get together we might actually get to the point where we break out the board games as opposed to sitting, talking and laughing for 4 hours ..
Now to plan on what we are cooking...

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