Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A walk through History ..Dachau Concentration Camp

Sometimes I can just be walking down our posts cobble stone main street and I am just amazed that my family has been given this amazing opportunity.  We are surrounded by so much history and wonderful places to visit either as a couple or as a family. One of the places we chose to visit was Dachau Concentration Camp when you walk through the entrance you are just taken back by the sight. Amazingly some of the buildings are still standing and are used as a living museum where you get a glimpse of history. 
This is a model of Dachau Camp it was interesting to see what it looked like when the buildings were still standing. Strolling through the main building which houses the museum you see everything from where the prisoners were brought when they first arrived giving the Nazis there names and information, you see what their uniforms looked like, their food bowls and where they bathed. There are hanging wall displays with the history of Dachau a time line from start to finish.

Walking through Dachau you start to think about what life was like back then for the prisoners, for the Nazis as well as just regular people who lived in the community outside of Dachau. I wasn't bothered too much by the barracks where the prisoners slept pretty much was like a bunk house or Army barracks.
I thought the bathroom area was primitive a little disgusting but still that didn't bother me much either...
I think personally when I really started to be bothered by the place was when we walked to the disinfection chamber

After the Disinfection chamber they would then bring the prisoners to the waiting room
After the waiting room they were ushered into a room that they were told was a shower in reality it was the Gas Chamber
After leaving the gas chamber the prisoners bodies were then taken over to the Krematorium
The last thing that I found disturbing while walking the grounds of the concentration camp was something hidden off the beaten path it was over grown and if you didn't take the time to read the plaque you would completely over look it.

The prisoners were lined up against the wall and shot repeatedly you can see the bullet holes in the wall.
Dachau Concentration Camp offers walking tours for a fee but you can walk through Dachau and the buildings reading the signs and history for free. My personal advice as a parent not really a place for small children with the big open spaces they will have the desire to run. My thoughts are out of respect for people who have lost family or who themselves were prisoners of a concentration camp only bring older children who understand it is a somber place. I would definitely suggest visiting Dachau it is an enlightening educating experience one that I will always remember.

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