Tuesday, May 8, 2012

oh how fast they grow ....

The beginning of our life changes we started as a family of 9 but now we are a family of 8...

Well I keep having to remind myself this is real and has really happened but Kathryn has grown up and flew the hen house not exactly the way I wanted her too but I can honestly say even though I wanted her to follow a different path all you can do is wish your children happiness and she is happy
Kathryn met a soldier and decided he was the one and yes the photo below is them exchanging vows my baby grew up and got married. It is so weird saying my daughters married her father and I hosted a bridal shower for them but they went back to the states to get married her dad and I were unable to be there but Daniels parents were which I am very happy about which is how I have photographic proof it actually is real.. Some times I catch myself and remember wow she is married now, not only that she is a step mother talk about double whammy ...No I am not taking on the roll of doting grandmother at this point in life we will see what happens down the road...a long ways down the road lol
So Congratulations to my daughter Kathryn and new son in law Daniel 

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