Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Beginning of A Deployment 2012

So we dropped Pachenko off driving away the big girls in tears we arrived a family of 8 we are now a family of some that missing of 2 family members wouldn't seem like a lot in such a big family but it means less cooking and quieter nights..

Now that it is over and Pachenko is safely home from Deployment I will post a little about deployment and life during it. Right before Pachenko left we said good bye to our oldest Kathryn she decided she was grown and ready to go out into the adult world. She left home and went to Texas with her new boyfriend long story short she is an adult and even though I see this not ending well she has to make her own mistakes in life... So we are now down to 6 daughters at home making us a family of 8. Then the big day came we took Pachenko to the Hanger to send him off on deployment. People say it is hard on little kids the truth is look at the photo below our 2nd oldest Julianna knows she will be going to prom in a week, graduating high school in a month, leaving for college in 3 months and her daddy will miss all of this. Our 3rd oldest knows her daddy is going to miss her birthday, that she is going to be the oldest sister in the house in 3 months both girls know the reality of war, of  a deployment that dads and moms deploy and sometimes sadly they don't go come home. Look at our 4 little ones faces they know that their daddy is leaving that he will be home in January for the twins birthday. They don't see that as a long time because we are marking it off with big events Julianna will be graduating in June, then we have 4th of July which means a lot to military children, Ballet classes, Cheer leading Camp, Gymnastics and then a couple fun trips mom planned to kill time, then Julianna will leave for college, they will start back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas having those big count downs helped pass the time.. 

                                                No greater love then a girl and her daddy

No matter how old they get little girls still need their daddies 

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