Monday, May 10, 2010

PCSing Advice to keep yourself busy

I bought a notebook before my husband got orders I did research on the Posts he was more likely to get based on his MOS I made a note of the housing office phone number, zip code, BAH or OHA amounts, I browsed the housing site and made notes for each Post if they had nice housing or housing or areas that should be avoided..
then when my husband got orders I was able to flip right to the page and already had info on the new Post..

The fine art of being a Planner in a system where there is no plan..or where you are told when, what, where & how when they get around to it..the Military life
My tip is be a list maker..take 2 pages of your notebook and break it down to stateside PCSing and Overseas PCSing..
Go through your home and list what you want to keep, get rid of & things you might like to buy new 1 for stateside and 1 for overseas..I will tell you it made things easier for me when my husband got his orders to Germany I just flipped to my notebook page marked overseas and have been crossing things off as I go..

I also advise that while your soldiers are in BCT or AIT that you get regular passports..because if you wait until they get orders overseas then you are looking at close to $100 per person for each adds up quickly

additional expenses that you might want to consider and plan for
If you rent you will have to get your carpets cleaned

If you are shipping a POV overseas to Germany your car has to pass an inspection before you can pick it up at Port so you might want to consider this before car repairs will be cheaper in the USA..
Oil change, Wipers, Tires & fluid name a few

in Germany you can get an APO address up to a month before your due to arrive at the gaining unit can ship flat rate USPS boxes to your APO addy for the flat rate costs..
Items to send sheets,pillow cases, towels, blankets (these things are not provided when you get there while awaiting your HHG) as for pillows it's cheaper to get them over there at the PX..
you might also want to send some toys, games or art supplies..something to entertain your kids when you finally arrive at your new Post..
Some tips I just got from a seasoned Army wife..
You should plan now on having about 3-4 "groups or piles". You will have stuff that you will be taking with you such as some clothes you will be taking with you, all your important papers and documents, books and stuff for airplane. 2nd group: The items that you will need asap called Ho Baggage. This should be dishes, towels, bedding, silverware, ... See More extra clothes, pots, pans, etc. This shipment will be shorter than your house hold good shipment. 3rd group: Anything that you want to go into storage: Washer/Dryer, Any appliances I recommend not bring anything like toaster, microwave, blender, etc. Depending on the type of housing you get. If you live on the economy, you will have to buy the most expensive transformer to use your American appliances and it goes for about $200-$250 dollars each. We brought all German appliances when we got there. And in stairwell housing they have a washer/dryer for everyone to use. Government Leased housing, you will be provided with your own washer/dryer and on the economy you will have to purchase a German Washer/Dryer. 4th Group: will be everything else that will be considered your household good shipment. This can take up to 60 days to get to you. You are allowed so much weight for Ho Baggage. And you are allowed so much weight for Household Goods Shipment combined with what you put in Storage. Other advice to offer: make sure they don't pack your garbage, they will if you don't put it outside or put a note not to. Tip 2: Once there buy the book: Never a Dull Moment, This lists almost every village in Germany and what they offer, restaurants, hours open, directions, etc. (its in English and you can find it at the Bookmark). Tip 3: Travel, Travel, Travel. You will hate Germany if you don't see something besides the base you are at

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