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My Command Sponsorship nightmare

Not sure where to start this tornado but I am good with the time line..

April 16th I was seen at Malmstrom Air Force Base by an AF Colonel who performed EFMP physicals & reviewed my daughters as well as my complete medical records...birth to present date, including, eye Dr, Dental, OBGYN as well as ENT Specialist I had complete well as school records She then faxed the forms 5888 & 7246? to Juanna Jarret (sp?) at the fax # that MS. Jarret supplied to me...

On Monday April 19th I called & left a voice mail for Ms. Jarret she called the next day & said she had not received a fax from any AF Colonel, however during our conversation she did find our medical info online in the system and the notes from the Colonel. Ms Jarret Inquired why I saw an AF Dr..I explained to her that I was informed by her office when I called for instructions on how to complete the EFMP overseas screening that I was informed (by her) that I need to be seen at the closest military installation in my case it was 5 hours away and an Air Force base (she said I was Wrong THAT NO ONE in her office would of sent me to JUST any military installation that being Army I should of known it was implied go to an Army post) then she blamed the (NEW GUY) her term..she then asked me the Base name I told Her Malmstrom and she pretty much laughed & implied since she had never heard of that base it must be made up & who is to say that the physicals or signature were really an AF Colonel.. I asked her to just tell me what she needed to get the EFMP done because my husband was going to Germany in 3 weeks and I needed to get Command Sponsorship DONE.
Ms Jarret informed me that I needed to fax her copies of all our medical records as well as have my local pediatrician write on a prescription slip for all my children under 5 that they were not developmentally delayed...that I would need to come to Eustis for a interview I told her I couldn't because I lived in Montana she then said ok your husband needs to come in & I told her he was graduating & leaving the next day after major attitude she said that she would call me back with a date for a phone interview...for May 1st

April 20th Ms Jarret called me and left a voice mail saying that she had received forms via fax from an AF Colonel, everything was in order, they had everything they needed..and that I needed to call her back to set up an appointment to come in to do the interview OK I WAS IRRITATED I called Ms Jarret back and she had NO IDEA that we spoke the day before I refreshed her memory about previous conversation When I tell her I can't come in because I am in Montana she says well your husband will have to come in and Once again I tell her my husband just graduated & was already out of this time she contradicts the voice mail she had just left and says yes I still need to send in prescription slips for little kids about developmental status..
that my 5888 form is no good so she will fill out a new one and have someone named Mrs Shoemaker sign off on..instead of where the AF Colonel signed the we are on the phone she has me respell all of our names & she fills in a new 5888 form at this time she began crossing off things on the 5888 form that was faxed to her by the AF Colonel...she asked birth order of the children, our familiy member prefix numbers or something like tht and birthdates and ages (at the same time complaining that was too many kids) that she understands my frustration and that she will try to get things going to make up for the misinformation & confusion of having me go to the AFB..

I go to the pediatrician get the slips fax them then call & make sure they have arrived (spoke to the new guy) Ms. Jarrets term for him as she blames inconsistencies and misinformation on him even when she is the one talking...The new guy says yes the faxes had arrived I asked him to make sure she gets them and if I could speak with Ms. Jarret he says she wasn't in the office that day..

April 27th Ms. Jarret calls leaves a voice mail once again contradicting herself once again and NO IDEA who I am she says that they received my form 5888 via fax from AF Colonel & that there are problems with it & she didn't think her supervisor Mrs Shoemaker would accept it & that I needed to call back to schedule an appt to come in for an interview by this time my husband is home doing hrap before he was ro leave for Germany..
I called Ms Jarret back & told her that she has repeatedly contradicted herself to me & I just want a straight answer what does she need to get the EFMP done at this time she tells me about how my 5888 form is no good because someone drew lines through things ( she implied the lines might have happened during the fax process or the form was fradualent) I laughed and told her that she put the lines through the form during our last phone conversation & that she said while we spoke that she was filling out a new 5888 form for me ..Ms Jarret pretty much said I was a liar and that she did not have the AUTHORITY to fill out a new 5888 form and she WOULD NEVER do that 20 mins of arguing she exclaims " oh I have 2 5888 forms for your family, why do I have 2 forms?" I said because YOU were filling out a new one..she then goes "OH NOW I KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING" she then proceeds to tell me my attitude isn't going to speed up the process & that she didn't know if her supervisor Mrs Shoemaker would sign off on the paper work because it has lines through it..She then gave me attitude because the only address we were given to have the paper work sent to was her so she FINALLY set up a phone interview APPT for May 10th..yes I lost 10 days while she went BI POLAR with my EFMP forms..

All I wanted was to complete this EFMP process & get Command Sponsorship.. I am not upset that my husband was misimformed at EUSTIS about ALOT of things here is an example:

1. When he got to Germany his new Command asked where his family was.. EUSTIS said NO CONCURRENT TRAVEL this is BS because other soldiers are getting it we weren't even offered it even when my husband asked about it..
I was perfectly fine flying over with FIVE children myself after my husband.. flying without him wasn't an issue it would of been nice to have some help though.yep not even mad about that...

Other military bases/Posts are referring to Ft Eustis as Fort Useless because of the misimformation your soldiers recieve in AIT in reguards to PCS-ing overseas, EFMP, Transportation..everything...I don't want people saying my husband is less of a soldier or stupid because he graduated from Ft Eustis my husband Graduated Honor Grad & we are a very proud life long military family my father as well as his ..I am not going to bad mouth an enitire military post because of one bad apple..I could of went all Army wife drama on the FB page I have to much respect for the Army to do that I just want this to done and over with.

I have been very tolerant of the crazy EFMP lady & I have done everything I was told to do I don't know if she is over worked, short staffed, just absolutely hates Army families, wives, her job or whatever..

At this point I am now sitting here waiting to hear if it get past this Mrs Shoemaker person & even if it gets sent to Command for approval according to Ms Jarret she doesn't know if it will make it through because of the 5888 form condition & the fact that I went to an AFB..I am not asking alot but maybe a job station shift for Ms Jarret or maybe a refresher course I don't care. My paper work was submitted via fax & email on April 16th 2010 on April 20th 2010 Ms Jarret was able to view the fax & medical records online I would like my Command Sponsorship to be done in the estimated at most 1 month time frame that I was told about I would like to be in Germany before July 2010...After all the Army is suppose to be family friendly can someone help me get my family back together again..because the Army made the hoops & I jumped through them..


To Whom ever is in charge;

I have been patient & I have been polite but today I am hitting my breaking point. My husband was informed during in-processing in Germany that because EUSTIS did not make his orders concurrent or deferred we are losing our BAH..Now not only has EUSTIS screwed us in traveling over at the same time because of that woman & the EFMP hold up now because the uninformed/misinformed/or the I don't care people their at EUSTIS once again did not do what they were suppose to do I have to figure out how to pay rent & bills here at home plus fund my husbands expenses in Germany..

I have heard about this so called Overseas briefing that they got in AIT the SGT or whoever did it gave the guys going to Germany NO INFO at all at one point my husband asked about command sponsorship & he was told he didn't need it because his orders said DEPENDENTS YES on it..then transportation there tells him that is BS and he should of already applied for it..
next when he went to one of the SGT and asked how do I go about doing command sponsorship the SGT replied I DON'T KNOW!!!!
When he started going around & getting things going for the EFMP he was asked by one of the SGT's why are you doing that now??? Your briefings are not providing the necessary information or being given to the soldiers by an informed person. I believe a female sgt did my husbands briefing and he said it was 5 mins long and they learned nothing...They were not told how to PCS, they were not told how to get command sponsorship...

I have NEW ARMY WIVES contacting me from AIT at EUSTIS asking ME how to do command sponsorship because their husbands are getting NO HELP or INFO from SGTS at EUSTIS...PLEASE I am begging you make some changes move briefings up to as soon as they get overseas orders ARMY FAMILY FRIENDLY right? I could of flew over with my husband instead I am flying over EVENTUALLY with FIVE CHILDREN MYSELF!!! My Husband is in Germany and his NEW COMMAND is working on trying to CORRECT the MISTAKES EUSTIS MADE but EUSTIS should be busting its TAIL END to FIX THIS!!!

If this isn't FIXED soon I will not be so EUSTIS ARMY FRIENDLY..It seems like everyday my husband is getting questioned in Germany about how or why EUSTIS didn't do this? or That? So I am putting this to you WHY isn't EUSTIS taking care of these things before you send the soldiers out to their first duty stations?
Not so patiently awaiting a reply

Currently Eustis has done nothing still waiting for a reply to this email to them..
However new Command in Germany is working on there end to correct all the issues & then work on getting us CS approval

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