Thursday, October 1, 2009

my blog posted on AWN- Surving my 1st week of Pachenkos boot camp..

my husband left a week ago today..I just got a letter from him it was nice sounds like reception week is going good for him address yet to send mail too hopefully sometime this week when he actually gets with his unit and officially starts boot camp which is suppose to be tomorrow. As I have mentioned in previous blogs I was previously married to a sailor in the Navy a single parent of 3 and a Air Force brat. Pachenko and I have been married since 2001 with my past experience with military life I thought I was prepared but boy did I have it wrong lol.. it turns out that when you are happily married and really like your husband you actually miss turns out I realized about 24 hours after he was gone that I love my husband to distraction.. So I thought I would share this with you ladies who probably know where I am coming from or are currently in the same situation.

I never really realized how well my husband and I compliment each other, how we work together to tag team our life as a family to keep it running smoothly. I figured when he left I would just go back to running the house like I did when I was a single parent..I guess I didn't take into consideration I now have 4 extra kids to keep in line..

I hate cooking dinner more like I hate thinking about what to make for dinner I seriously am entertaining the idea of taking the kids to the grocery store and letting them buy every kids cuisine meal our freezer will hold..then reality sets in my kids have eaten kids cuisines at the most 10 times in there lives hence it would be exciting for a day or two but then the novelty would wear off. So I cook " I cringed as I wrote that" I did let the kids pick dinner a couple times one night they choose to make homemade pizza it is amazing the topping combination's the girls came up with when the "meat eater" is gone! Another night they had french toast, eggs and sausage another thing that Pachenko hates no breakfast for dinner when the dads home. My husband is an AWESOME cook we prefer dads cooking but we all will suffer until he is home again.

1. day 2 I forgot to pick up my pre k daughter up at her bus stop bad mom award big time..but I sort of have some justification the bus did come 10 minutes early so even if I did go I would of already missed the bus.

Day 3 Next off my brain suffers from Fibro-Fog it completely slipped my mind that our towns schools get out early on Wednesdays. See Pachenko pulls car duty he does drop off and pick up usually and I stay home with the twins and 2 little boys I baby sit. Ok so the man is gone and I have 4 kids under 4yrs old and have to go to school to pick up my 6yr old..

Day 5 I got up at 6AM Saturday and went to work ummmm yep you guessed right I forgot I took the weekend off 2 months ago I was suppose to go to a scrapbooking retreat (scheduled before dh got his leave date) ok so my manager laughed and asked me if I wanted to do the paperwork and at least it occupied me for 2 hours lol

Other little things that I have endured every time someone comes to the door the babies (who are 2 1/2 yrs old) scream with joy daddies home!!! then once again I have to remind all the girls that Pachenko won't be home until Christmas. My 4 1/2 yr old (the poor forgotten child) wanted to know where daddy was I said "far away"she asked "faraway like the grocery store?" lol I said "no faraway like the moon" ok so now she told everyone her daddy is on the moon! Montana to Georgia that is sort like going to the moon lol. In some ways I am just as bad I keep expecting my husband to walk in the door obviously that is not going to happen. When my cell phone starts singing at me I get so excited hoping it's a text message from the man however it's not. I can honestly say I have never been a bored person I always have something to do or that I am looking forward to doing when I have some free here I sit keeping myself occupied I never saw ArmyWives before I always wondered what all the hoop-la is I watched all of season 1 and 2 in 4 days lol and have started season 3...I am addicted lol

So ladies I am interested in hearing your stories of your first weeks of your husband being away either boot camp, AIT or deployment leave me a comment..

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The Mrs. said...

Hubs has been in the Marines for *gasp* 12 years now (has it really been that long?) even though we've only been married for seven of them I've been there for it all, boot camp, deployments, TAD's you name it. Now he flies constantly so there is always a revolving door around the house, just last week the roofer came over to look at our water leak and my almost three year old called him daddy... awkward to say the least. Especially when the four year old heard him and came running yelling daddy daddy.

In time you get into a pattern and a routine however this does not mean that you cant rely heavily on easy mac and tv dinners. I must admit I do. Look I figure so long as he's coming home to the same number of kids he left I'm doing good. : ) Hang in there : )

(I actually posted about how we get thru him being gone last night over at my blog)