Friday, August 28, 2009

In a blink of an eye

My friend Brenda who I have known since we were children has suffered a heart wrenching loss..Brenda & her husband Brad have been raising Brads younger brother Dante since he was a little guy...Well Last night I heard from her that he drowned..she was obviously distraught and I didn't want to I used today's technological advances to my advantage...It turns out Dante who was 13yrs old had been swimming in the Potomac with a friend...something happened..the friend who exhausted himself looking for Dante caught the attention of a fisherman who pulled a unconscious Dante from the river..he was in the hospital for 2 days I believe and then passed away yesterday..I don't know all the details to that and maybe one day Brenda will feel like sharing that with me...I hope that for her sake that poor Dante didn't suffer.. A death of any child is sad but what wrenches my heart the most is that Brenda's husband Brad who is currently deployed to IRAQ was due home today for R&R...I just spoke to her and she said Brad arrived home safely..that they had been to the medical examiners office and that they were just spending time crying & talking with Brenda's parents and their other 2 children Kiyana and Biz..My heartaches for my friend who is one of the most unselfish, sweetest and most giving woman I have ever known...She is the type of woman I aspire to be..she is not perfect, her life is not perfect but I have seen her sick and I have seen her sad I have seen her when others would rage and turn from their faith and beliefs ..but she perseveres..she takes a breath and forges ahead on the path of life..I don't know where her inner strength comes it her love of God, Her love of her family, the love of her family but I know that if I had half of her strength when facing life's difficulties I would come through it fine..I am 1000's of miles away from my friend..time and distance matter little when it comes to the love I have for my friend..I wish I could be there for her physically to show my support, for a shoulder to lean on, a ear to listen and hand to hold..whatever she needed of me..but I can't be there physically but I am there in heart.. I can't imagine the loss of a child..a accident while swimming and having fun with a friend..his life might of ended in a blink of an eye but he will always be remembered in the many peoples hearts that loved him and his family..I will hug my daughters more then usual ..I will remind them how fragile life can be...and that you should live each day to the fullest and ALWAYS tell your loved ones that you love them..

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