Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Oh let's be explorers oh the adventures we will have 2016

Let's be explorers, travel the world, sail the seas, swim in lakes, climb mountains, dip our toes in sand  and splash in Ocean waves, float down rivers, explore the valleys and hike the trails..I was thinking recently about the state I spent the majority of my growing up years it's the place my parents still reside I don't call it home because home is where your heart is. Back to my point I was thinking about this place and all of the local sites to be explored there and the sad fact that I have never been to them either as a child or as an adult...I think about how people go away on vacations to play tourist but have never seen the local sites so to give my girls what I missed out on or didn't take advantage of while living somewhere ...So my advice to everyone go play tourist in your backyard, check out your neighborhood, town/city, museums, zoos, animal parks, forts/historical sites, opera, planetarium, aquarium, water parks, amusement parks, race track, horse races, miniature golf, National Parks, Forrest, lakes, hiking, camping  ..go see, do, learn, explore and make memories...

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