Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WOW I guess you can call us Nana and Big Poppa?

Well our oldest daughter Kate hit us with a bombshell a few months ago I am still processing this news anyone who knows me my daughters husband is labeled special in my book and by special I don't mean in a positive or flattering way I had been holding out hope that he was phase on our daughters life that she would grow out of we can still hope I don't see her see spending the rest of her life saddled with his loser ways..but I am getting a grandson out of the deal and will always be there for Kate and our future grandson..

My nana and aunt Dee made a surprise trip down for Kate's baby shower to represent the family since we are over in Germany...

Just because I don't like the donor dad doesn't mean we won't take care of our little guy..Baby hoard #1 

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