Friday, February 18, 2011

Post with the Most...Making the Most of your Post

One of my biggest issues prior to coming here was all the negative feedback I was getting about our soon to be post and pretty much life on any Post in Germany. Nothing to do but beer drinking, domestic issues and cheating husbands so once I got here I was pleasantly surprised when things to me were not as described so I started blogging about my experiences and life on my post.
First thing about our post I noticed was that it is more of a little community which makes up a large family making life here so much more enjoyable. So I jumped right in and made it my home I joined our Spouse & Civilians Club, FRG, Battalion Coffees & PWOC. I made it a point to try to attend as many events, activities & get togethers as I can I truly believe that having good friends makes life better no matter where you are.
My biggest goal was that my daughters would make friends and really feel like this was home since this is their first time being Army Bratz. I think that it's important to research your post and see what it offers for yourself, your children and your family. In my case our post is small however they do have bowling alley, movie theater and a teen center all of these are really important for your pre-teen and teenagers. One of the biggest gripes that I noticed here was not enough activities, classes, events being offered at our post all of them were offered at our sister post 30 mins away ugh who wants to have to make that drive all the time, gas, time, ugh bad weather plus why should we have to go to another post when it could just as easily be offered at our post?
Something I advocate very vocally is if you want something offered on your post speak up attend your community meetings, grass roots meetings, fill out an Ice Comment for your post, inquire on your posts facebook page without people saying what's on their minds and asking for changes to be made nothing will happen. I truly believe that it's up to us to better what community we are in.  YES you might just be one little Army Wife in the cog of the Army Wife wheel but it only takes one voice, one idea, one dream to create a change...YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO BRING ABOUT CHANGE.
Well we are now in the process of making our post a Post with the Most SKIES, EDGE, MWR, BOSS, CYS have heard our roar and they are working hard to get us all the classes, activities and events we've asked for. Me personally I am working on bringing AWANA to our post I truly believe our kids should be able to enjoy all the activities just like they would if we were civilians. My challenge to you is to make the most of your post what can you do to better your experience and your families experience at your post..

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