Friday, April 9, 2010

No Army Wife Left in the dark...

Well my husband and I are PCS~ing to Katterbach Kaserne according to my husbands orders...PCS-ing overseas is a process all onto itself :D The minute my husband got his AKO orders I was into research mode of course leave it to my luck to end up getting the most with the least lol yes mostly what information I managed to find on the actually Army post is out dated..As I browse social networking sites I have the same problem I am starting to fear that we are headed to a ghost town...Where in the world are all the Army wives representing this area??? Well all I have to say is I am on it I have decided to make it my mission to saturate the internet world with all the 411 any soon to be PCS-ing wife will want to know about my soon to be home..

There are some things that I can already share that I have managed to find out..

1. Obviously you need Command Sponsorship for your family to PCS overseas on the Armys Dime..They are not moving your family over there without CS approval and a new set of cut orders with your families name on them.

2. Yes you have to do the EFMP physicals to even apply for Command Sponsorship

3. Without CS approval and new orders your soldier CAN NOT get on the housing list or schedule your HHG move unless he wants to schedule your HHG move as a single soldier no dependents..

4. You need the new orders with you and your family members listed on them before you can apply for Nofee passports

 5. NoFee passports are a must have to even get transportation to schedule your flights over and they usually take 8 weeks to process and they can not be expedited however you might get lucky and they might show up early..

6. OHA overseas housing allowance is paid in the exact amount of your rent (so you will not be pocketing money)

7. Pretty much what I have heard is that you have to live in on post housing or off post military housing unless there is NONE available..

8. To drive your POV in Germany you have to get a German Drivers license written and driving test required I heard the license is like $20. however you have to have a valid stateside license to get it for $20 if not then you have to get a German license at full price which is $1,500 yes you read that right...

I will add more as I learn more and you can follow along on my personal blog or FB page..if you have any info I'd love to hear it..


Amber said...

I'm going to Bamberg. My husband is already there. If you have a tourist passport, and have applied for a no-fee/official passport, you can travel. That's how I'm getting there :)

Amber said...

I meant I'm traveling on my tourist fee/official passport applied for.