Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Anderson family 4th of July 2008

I thought that such a long day would be tiring but the day pretty much flowed together perfectly..only with minor bitching from the resident bitchy family favorite new saying is "quityourbitchin" all one word ..anyways a rundown of our 4th of July...
first Adam got home from work @ 7AM (he works overnights) next it was time to awaken the crew..
and then drop Kate at work @ 9AM then we hit walmart and picked up some stuff for the beach we headed to the Kalispell parade where we met Whammer and gang..
then @ 10AM we watched the parade..then headed to Conrad Mansion @11AM for a Ice cream social.. then it was a quick stop to the grocery store to pick up some food items for our it was Woodland water park @ 12:30PM it was our first time there and I was really impressed ..the kiddie wading pool was a ton of fun the babies didn't know what to think of's kinda of difficult to watch 4 kids under 5 by myself...definitely would be easier with another adult around...then it was off to home quick BBQ dinner and then to the beach...which is one of my favorite places in Montana I just love Whitefish beach..anyways water was a little choppy cause we had a little rain between Water park and the time we headed to the beach but Adam went along it was fun whammer met us out there...we stayed and watched the fireworks...took way too many photos which seems to be the norm with me ..anyways it was a great day tons of life to the fullest...and loving every second of it

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